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    CLASSUNO is an artisanal laboratory of interior design, strictly made in Italy. Creativity, elegance and handicraft  are the strong points of our collections.

    Our Company creates original solutions for every request. We furnish every room with style; we design lamps, tables, small tables, furnishing accessories by combining the highest quality materials skillfully. All custom-made. Because Your home is unique, like you.

    The big tables for business meetings, tables for support, lamps and neo-classical and geometric floor lamps are all controlled carefully by a team of skilled operators, united by the winning idea of elegance and luxury and also with the pride of creating by hands and mind of man; in every point on which we direct our glance, the refinement of colors and of every little detail is reflected and exalted.

    The distinctive mark which places CLASSUNO among the most desired brands of furnishing is innovation and research, and with this logics of development,  geometrical shapes and led-lamps, together with minimal tables, respond to new demands of contemporary living and decorative art.


    CLASSUNO reserves the right to make (at any time and without prior notice) any changes that, at its sole discretion, are deemed appropriate in order to improve the functionality and performance of the products as well as Respond to their own technological and productive needs.
    Product images are purely indicative. Due to the craftsmanship method, the products may differ by color, size or accessories. Any imperfections, therefore, are not to be considered defects but are the peculiarity of the craft product.
    All models are registered by CLASSUNO®.
    Any copy, in whole or in part, will be prosecuted according to law.

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