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    Vinolucente wine cabinet

    We present another of our unique creations: the Vinolucente wine cellar. This is a metal, wood and marble construction, designed and manufactured on request.


    If you are looking for a high-quality piece of furniture or lighting, designed and made in Italy with the highest quality materials, you can contact us!
    If you are interested in unique products, conceived and designed to fit like a glove in your environments, we invite you to contact us, obviously without obligation. We can ship to Italy and many countries abroad.
    We remind you that our creations are also waiting for you in our showroom in Bari in Via Dante Alighieri 179

    Photos of the wine cellar "Vinolucente" presented in our showroom
    Photos of the wine cellar “Vinolucente” presented in our showroom


    The wine cellar we have created has a supporting structure in matt black painted metal consisting of four elements.
    The two side structures are softly wrapped by two shaped panels in press-bent metal with a grey painted finish.

    The shelves on the left side

    On the left side we have placed six wine shelves. We used polished steel sheets, on which we carved several stylized bottles. In addition to creating a design in theme with the product, the cut parts offer a stable footing for more than 40 bottles.
    The machined steel sheets were then press-bent and coupled with bands of the same material.

    The Right Side

    On the right side, there are several components.

    In the upper part we installed a glass holder in black lacquered wood. We created a comb pattern, spacing out the various “lanes” in order to accommodate and retrieve a range of crystal goblets.

    Halfway up is the polished Sahara Noir marble worktop. The shelf has been shaped with a sinuous shape reminiscent of the texture of wine racks.

    Accompanying the Sahara Noir top is a black lacquered wooden shelf just below. This shelf has been designed to store other glasses or tools.

    Finally, in the lower part, we have placed an additional wine shelf with a space for 7 bottles.

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