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    The Venere design corner lamp is made of a series of plates of different lengths applied to a central square profile. At the height of the corner there is an LED strip.

    Various customization options are available. Below you’ll be able to browse the gallery and consult the list of finishes with their technical data. For more information or any request, please contact us by following this link.

    Corner lamp Venere

    Classuno Floor Lamp Piantana Lampada Da Terra Venere VEN 001 Website2021
    Lampada da muro angolare Venere in metallo galvanizzato lucido oro e nickel black / cromo nero


    Note: we can also evaluate and produce versions with the dimensions that best suit your environment. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

    Code VEN01

    Length: 20 cm
    Depth: 20 cm
    Height: 152 cm

    Materials and finishes

    Your living or work place as you wish. Choose what best suits your tastes and environments. In this section you can browse a wide selection of materials and finishes available for this product.
    Note: for more information please contact us, we will guide you in customizing your element.

    Metal body finishes

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