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    Clepsidra (Smooth)

    This is the smooth version of our Clepsidra design round coffee small table. The structure of this complement is made of two metal cones joined at the apex, creating a shape that resembles an hourglass.

    Various customization options are available. Below you’ll be able to browse the gallery and consult the list of finishes with their technical data. For more information or any request, please contact us by following this link.

    Small table Clepsidra

    Classuno Small Table Tavolino Clepsidra Smooth Liscio CLPL 001 Website2020
    Clepsidra (Smooth) coffee tables in all the three sizes available. The finishes are as follows: shiny nickel black galvanized metal for the element on the back, shiny copper galvanized metal for the complement in the center and shiny gold galvanized metal for the table on the right.


    Clepsidra (Smooth) is available in these standard dimensions:

    • Code CLPL01:
      (top diameter) 40 cm x (base diameter) 40 cm x (h) 60 cm
    • Code CLPL02:
      (top diameter) 40 cm x (base diameter) 30 cm x (h) 52 cm
    • Code CLPL03:
      (top diameter) 30 cm x (base diameter) 30 cm x (h) 44 cm

    Materials and finishes

    We have carefully selected the best materials for this product. You can browse the various finishes by selecting the desired material.


    Metal body

    ProductsComplementsSmall tables

    Clepsidra (Smooth)

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